Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year

After not doing much over New Year's (I got sick and so spent a lot of time on the sofa under a duvet) I went out today to Ueno and had lunch with some friends. Daniel asked me what I liked to do in my spare time, and when I mentioned drawing, he asked me to draw him. He provided a pencil, and another friend, Taka-san provided his disposable paper book cover. And thus, a five minute sketch:

Here's hoping that you're all having a good New Year. I'm going to try and work on my drawings and update this blog with more regularity, hopefully working on a larger, longer-term project or projects. & I think this is a good point from which to start.

And a close up of the sketch, courtesy of Daniel himself:


  1. Nice! What kind of long term project are you thinking about?

    1. I'm not quite sure, but I was thinking of some kind of short comic or illustrated story. I'd like to combine writing and drawing/illustration, but we'll see how we go with that one.